Hey everybody!  As I was making dinner last night, my husband got this roller coaster video on Youtube in his email.

This video was too cool to pass up.  I had to share this with ya’ll!

I know it’s not a brain or health article, but it’s fun and enjoyable; which in turn will add health on a cellular level. 😀

Come to think of it, the guy in the video HAD to have some really good reflexes to do what he did.  So guess what?  Good brain activity going on there, right?

Check it out!  It is so amazing, you can’t help but watch a couple of times at least.

Leave me a comment.  Let me know your reactions!



    • We just can’t believe how perfectly the phone landed in his hand. No fumbling or anything. Absolutely amazing! I bet the owner of the phone was greatly relieved, too.


  1. Firstly, I wouldn’t be on that ride for all the tea in China. And if I was, my hands would be knuckle white grasping the bar in front of me! So kudos to the guy reaching out and grabbing that phone! ?

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