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Our Story

We, Glenn, Alex and me (Josette) are farming organically in beautiful TN. We (Glenn & me) love farming and being in the great outdoors where the air is fresh. Our young man, Alex, cares for the chickens but doesn’t like it too much.

We are believers in our Heavenly Father, Yahweh, and His son, Yahshua. Yahshua is our example for how to live our lives, and the feasts of Yahweh all revolve around farming. It’s awesome to see Scriptures come alive in our farming adventures.

We desire to see people take control of their health. Ultimately, each one of us is responsible for how good or bad our health is. Our health is first what we put into our minds (gigo – garbage in, garbage out) and second what we put into our bodies (what’s on the end of your fork).

I, Josette, am a brain nerd. I love studying about the brain and how amazing it is. So, as I find interesting articles, I will be posting them on this site. I love researching natural health, and therefore, I will be posting useful health articles. I have been studying natural health and healing for 19+ years, and I make my own herbal medicines, lotions and oils. It’s very empowering to have total control over my health and want to empower you too.

I will mostly post articles from my favorite websites, but do intend on writing my own at some point.



  1. Shalom and Blessings!

    From your home page, I clicked onto “About Us” and started reading. Thank you for sharing your faith and the sacred names. Wonderful to see the website personalized like this, as well. 🙂 It gives the site a more trustworthy sense of security, too. Haven’t read past this page, yet, but will when I am done with leaving this reply and filling out the other info.

    Great work and very professional looking. Yet at the same time, easy on the eyes for reading. Keep it up!

    Yah bless.
    aleta in His service
    🙂 praising Yahweh!

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