Thank you for visiting my website.  It is called The Neuro Nerd because I love learning about the brain and the power we have by using it to its full measure.  I will be posting articles about the brain and health in general.

I am a newbie, so please bare with me as I pull it all together.

This may be a controversial site for some, but if you throw out everything you’ve been taught and open your mind to other possibilities, you may find yourself growing in ways you’ve never imagined.

To kick off my first page, I’m sharing this video, The Scientist ( ).  Watch it before the powers that be take it down.  Knowledge is power and they don’t want you to know too much!


    • My 1st Choice is Nature’s Answer because the V-D is in an oil base, and V-D supplementation needs to be taken with a fat for optimum absorption.

      I used to get sick A Lot, but when I started taking Nature’s Answer V-D, sickness became rare for me.

      Hope this helps!


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