If you suffer from allergies, you are not alone!  People that suffer from allergies are in the millions!

The best way to combat the often, debilitating affects of seasonal, and other types of allergies is to arm yourself with knowledge. 

Take the natural allergy remedies in this article to heart, and you will soon start to achieve real, lasting relief.

Ever since I was a young girl I had terrible allergies…spring and fall.

My eyes would itch so bad that I would rub them until I looked like a Bubble Fish!  No Lie!

Isn’t he cute!  Well I wasn’t!

The Birmingham Free Press: Bubble Eye Goldfish – bhamfree.blogspot.com

I would sneeze and sneeze, wondering if I would ever breathe normally again. 

Decades later I found my, miracle, natural allergy remedy.

A Man With My Miracle

One day while working at a farm, a man came by looking for “Local” Raw Honey.  As the conversation progressed, I learned that he wanted it for his allergies.

I had blown it off because I had tried all the “honey” products that touted the healing of allergies.

As time went on, I just got worse and worse – to the point of being asthmatic!

My chest felt like it was closing in on me.  If I laid down, I could barely breathe, and I would have to sit up to take a deep breathe. 

I was miserable during allergy season.

It was several years later that it hit me, I had NEVER tried “Local” Raw Honey.

Well, what did I have to lose?  A yummy, healthy, sweet treat!  I was on board!

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

I’m Free

Now honey isn’t a fast miracle remedy by any stretch of the imagination!  You HAVE to be patient.

I gauge everything by growing seasons because I’m an organic farmer (See my article “Grow Your Own Food” here). 

So I started using the “Local” Raw Honey at the end of fall 2011 and continued through the winter, into spring 2012.

I used about 1 teaspoon a day.  Sometimes more due to recipes that called for it.

By spring 2012, I still suffered from allergies, but the severity was less…I wasn’t gasping for air like before.

I continued with the honey through the whole growing season.  By the end of our fall crops, I was doing even better.

I kept taking the honey and by spring 2013, I had very minor issues.  By the end of fall 2013, I was Breathing Freely!  Yay!

Fast forward to today

I don’t take honey on a regular basis, but when I notice that pollen is starting to settle, I’ll start taking it.

I always keep a stock of “Local” Raw Honey in the house!

If I feel the slightest itch in my nose coming on, I take my honey.

We used to work at different farms in different states, and I would always hunt down each states “Local” Raw Honey

You can usually find them at Farm Stands or a “local” grocery store, and no I don’t mean Walmart.  They rarely have “Local” Raw Honey.

Other Steps You Can Take

When the effects of seasonal and other allergies become too much to bear, it is wise to seek the assistance of a Naturopathic professional or Functional Doctor.

By consulting with a specialist, you will have greater access to useful diagnostic tools and natural remedies to support your own bodies immunity.  One size does NOT fit all!

Although it’s common knowledge, many people forget to wash their hands before preparing food.

Washing your hands before food preparation ensures that particles of allergy causing foods are not mixed with other non allergenic foods. 

This is essential if you are preparing meals for multiple people, and some  of them suffer from allergies.

I also have a severe reaction to Shellfish

I DO NOT recommend the Idea of honey working for Shellfish allergies. 

That’s a whole other allergy in and of itself!

Slow down. When you find yourself dealing with pet allergies, you may initially be distraught, and think you have to give up a beloved pet.

The truth is, there are many ways to deal with this type of problem without losing your loved one.

I used to be allergic to cats, but when the “Local” Raw Honey finally settled my immune response down, cats were no longer a problem.

I could NOT believe it when I noticed that cat dander wasn’t bothering me.

I have 2 kitties and I can pet and hold them, but I don’t rush in angst to wash my hands immediately after handling them.

If your child frequently complains of symptoms like a stuffy nose, or frequent sneezing, allergies may be to blame.

Over time, these problems can make it difficult for your child to perform well in class, or reach their full potential.

In these cases, allergy therapy may produce a marked difference in the way your child feels, and behaves.

Be very careful with allergy testing! 

I was put through a battery of testing (7 loaded needles in my arm every Fri.) :((, which did nothing more than make me even more miserable!

After all of that, NO remedy was offered.

Air Filtration

Invest in an air purifier. An air purifier, especially in the bedroom, can help make a person, with allergies, much more comfortable.

These units circulate air similar to a fan, while filtering out dust and other air pollutants.

For the best results, look for a unit that features a HEPA filter

Change your air filter regularly if you suffer from allergies.

At least once every three months, and more often during peak allergy season.

Your air filter collects dust, dander, pollen and other irritants. If you change it, you remove those items from your home, and keep it from re-circulating into the air.

Avoid clutter, especially in the bedroom.

If you suffer from allergies, you should strive to keep your bedroom as free from clutter as much as possible.

Since you likely spend anywhere from six to ten hours per day in bed, it is crucial that this area is as allergen-free as possible.

The less clutter you have, the fewer places there are for dust, and other irritants to settle.

Wear a mask or bandanna when you are cutting the grass, working in the yard or outside on a windy day (this helped me tremendously while farming).

Things like grass cuttings and pollen can contribute to allergy problems, making you feel miserable.

I remember a really bad attack happened when a new plot of land was being bulldozed. 

It was windy many of those days, and I was barely breathing.  This was before my honey days. 😀

Another thing to be aware of is when a storm is rolling in.  Anytime a storm rolled in, I would have an allergy attack.

Make sure to cover your nose and mouth to avoid exposing your sinuses to these problems to reduce the onset of problems.

Allergy symptoms may be making your little one miserable and irritable, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily ready to take any helpful remedies without a fight…EXCEPT for “Local” Raw Honey…maybe!  

Only use honey with children OVER the age of 1.

There is no doubt that suffering from allergies can be a frustrating, irritating experience. 

I know all to well!

However, it is not necessary to go without help. If you apply the guidance, in this article, in your everyday life, it is, indeed, possible to keep allergies at bay, and resume living the life that you truly desire.

Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

Please leave your comments below.  All allergy sufferers would love to get as many tips as they can!




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